Monday, November 10, 2014

Jamie Peter Peacock

On July 29th at 12:30 this beautiful little guy joined our family, weighing in at an even 8 pounds. It's not an exciting birth story. We had a date and time set for us and at 12:30 I was strapped down, numbed from the chest to toe, cut open and he was pulled out. I didn't do any work and couldn't really feel much until they started to pull him out. When they do pull him out there is an intense crazy pressure that fills your chest and makes you feel like you cannot breathe. I also learned it isn't as simple as just pulling out a baby. It took a few minutes for the Dr. to get him out. I kept hearing him say, "where is his other shoulder?" Turns out babies can get stuck while being delivered via c-section too.
Everything about this pregnancy and birth were completely different from Brady's, which puts to rest the myth that different pregnancies mean different genders! This time everything was so much easier including the recovery. And I'm not cringing at the idea of having another one again like I was after having Brady! Everything about Jamie is perfect. He's a really good baby and is growing so fast. He's already 3.5 months old and I sometimes feel like I have missed it all!

Jamie slept a lot during the first 2 months of his life. He still sleeps ok, but is starting to prefer sleeping in bed with mom, which means it's time to move him to his crib! He is starting to talk a lot, smiles, and is very strong. I think he is probably getting close to rolling over, but I'm not as dedicated to "tummy time" as I should be, so I don't really know haha.

He is close to 13 pounds and has been dealing with reflux since he was born, which I don't think is getting any better just yet. He is definitely my pukey baby compared to Brady.

Proud Dad!

The hospital got pretty boring real fast.

Brady meets Jamie! He was in love from the very beginning

Playing with Jamie

Daddy loves his little boys

Tummy time

So strong

Happy Halloween!

Ready for church

Brother Cuddles

Best Friend's for Life!

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