Monday, November 10, 2014

Jamie Peter Peacock

On July 29th at 12:30 this beautiful little guy joined our family, weighing in at an even 8 pounds. It's not an exciting birth story. We had a date and time set for us and at 12:30 I was strapped down, numbed from the chest to toe, cut open and he was pulled out. I didn't do any work and couldn't really feel much until they started to pull him out. When they do pull him out there is an intense crazy pressure that fills your chest and makes you feel like you cannot breathe. I also learned it isn't as simple as just pulling out a baby. It took a few minutes for the Dr. to get him out. I kept hearing him say, "where is his other shoulder?" Turns out babies can get stuck while being delivered via c-section too.
Everything about this pregnancy and birth were completely different from Brady's, which puts to rest the myth that different pregnancies mean different genders! This time everything was so much easier including the recovery. And I'm not cringing at the idea of having another one again like I was after having Brady! Everything about Jamie is perfect. He's a really good baby and is growing so fast. He's already 3.5 months old and I sometimes feel like I have missed it all!

Jamie slept a lot during the first 2 months of his life. He still sleeps ok, but is starting to prefer sleeping in bed with mom, which means it's time to move him to his crib! He is starting to talk a lot, smiles, and is very strong. I think he is probably getting close to rolling over, but I'm not as dedicated to "tummy time" as I should be, so I don't really know haha.

He is close to 13 pounds and has been dealing with reflux since he was born, which I don't think is getting any better just yet. He is definitely my pukey baby compared to Brady.

Proud Dad!

The hospital got pretty boring real fast.

Brady meets Jamie! He was in love from the very beginning

Playing with Jamie

Daddy loves his little boys

Tummy time

So strong

Happy Halloween!

Ready for church

Brother Cuddles

Best Friend's for Life!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canada Day Week

This past week was bittersweet for me. My whole family was at home in Welling at my parent's house having a big reunion and we were stuck in Fort McMurray. We had planned on going home as well but because I was having early contractions and whatnot, my Dr told me that I should not be travelling that far so we had to stay behind and miss all the fun. We really wish we were at home and missed seeing everyone and having a ton of fun, but we were able to have a pretty good week here anyways.

We went to the Canada Day parade and Brady loved it! He sat through the whole thing and was so excited at all the big trucks! Cody taught him how to pump his arm for the semi trucks so they would honk their horns and he thought that was so fun! We came home after the parade and all had a nice long nap because it was super hot out that day, and then went out to the park so Brady could play.

Cody and I were able to spend the rest of the week together just the 2 of us. I am no longer working and he was on days off, and Brady was at dayhome so it was really nice to be able to reconnect and spend the days enjoying eachother's company. We haven't had much time with just the two of us since Brady was born. In fact I think we have only made it out to dinner 2 or 3 times in the whole 2 years. But we have tried our best to meet for lunch during work days just to have some time together, so these 3 days alone were really amazing! We didn't do much except clean the house and organize and try to get everything unpacked and put away so we could make room for the new baby, but we did go out for lunch and watch movies together and just relaxed. It was so nice to spend that time together especially before we have 2 little ones and our time is even more limited!

Yesterday we took Brady to the new Marine Park Museum. It just opened a few days ago and its just a few old boats that you can walk through and see what it is like to live on the boat and explore the different rooms. Brady had a lot of fun looking around and pretending to drive them! He and Cody had a blast! After we walked around we went to the new playground that is there too and let him play. The whole playground is trains and boats and is the perfect size park for toddlers Brady's age so he was loving it. We went for lunch at the new Fatburger in town and then came home and napped. It was a perfect day and ending to the week.

35 Weeks

This is me at 35 weeks pregnant. I haven't taken a single "belly shot" this whole pregnancy so I thought I better get at least one. We only have a few weeks left and I can honestly say that I just can't wait and would love to have this baby tomorrow. I don't remember feeling this way with Brady, but this time around I am starting to become really uncomfortable and tired and sore.

This pregnancy has been a completely different experience than with Brady (maybe its a Girl??) I had a lot more nausea with this pregnancy in the beginning and have been carrying a lot lower this time as well I think. It has been a better experience overall. With Brady I had pre-e and became so swollen I don't know how I moved or did anything haha. I seriously looked like I was 450 lbs based on the size of my feet! This time I haven't had any swelling at all except a bit in my hands and feet when it gets really hot, and my blood pressure has been amazing the whole time. I have had a lot of heartburn and have learned to love Zantac.

The difference in swelling from Brady's pregnancy to this one

About 2 weeks ago I started having contractions every 5-10 minutes and that lasted for over 12 hours so I decided I better go get checked out and make sure baby wasn't deciding to come early. It turned out to be an infection but I still had to have steroid shots for the baby's lungs just in case the antibiotics they put me on weren't effective and these contractions turned into pre-term labour. And those steroid shots are super painful! Thankfully after a day or two the contractions slowed right down. I still get them when I start doing too much or don't drink enough water, but I don't think baby is coming just yet.

Our baby in 3D! One of the perks of working in diagnostic imaging! 

Baby is doing really well so far and is measuring big so my dr. thinks I will be having a c-section again, but it is still all up in the air and we are just trying to go with the flow. We are getting very anxious to meet this little baby and find out if Brady will have a brother or sister!

2 Years!

Riding his new bike

A few weeks ago Brady had a birthday! I can't believe my sweet little baby boy is 2 years old! Cody was on days off so I took the day off too so we could spend the day with him. With moving so fast, he kind of got the shaft for a couple weeks so a day just for him was needed. We spent the day out at the park and had lots of treats and ice cream. He got a new strider bike and a new hat from us that he absolutely loves! He was so excited when he woke up and saw his bike in the living room and instantly went to it and started riding it. He is getting better at sitting while he pushes himself. He also got a few little things from his grandparents including a train set from his Grandma Struyk and the movie Cars from his Grandma and Grandpa Scott. It's about the only thing he ever wants to watch now, all day, everyday.

Relaxing with his favourite monkey

Brady is such a sweetheart. His personality is really starting to show and he is such a goofball but loves hugs and kisses. Brady loves anything to do with cars, trucks, buses and trains. He has a pretty big collection of hot wheels cars already, thanks to his dad, and he will sit and drive them around and play with them for hours on end. Whenever we are in the car driving he has to tell me all the trucks he sees and cars and buses.

Brady loves to be outside. He spends many hours at his Dayhome in the back yard, which I am grateful for, because we don't have a yard. Brady only has a couple weeks left at his dayhome. His provider Emma has been so amazing with him. We were hoping to keep him in a little longer at least until after the baby was born but she has decided to move back to her home country in Ethiopia and will be done work at the end of July. We are very sad to see her go and will miss her and her family greatly. They have been so helpful with Brady and even helped to watch him on the weekend while we were moving and made us dinner to help as well. She is so good with all the kids and they have so much fun playing at her house and in her yard. He is going to miss her a lot. She has really made going back to work for this past year a lot easier for me and I am forever grateful.

Emma and Brady

I could say many things about Brady but the list would go on and on. He is the most amazing little boy anyone could have ever asked for and I love him so much sometimes I wonder how I will have enough love left over for this next baby. I can't wait to see him be a big brother and know that he will be such a good helper and love the baby just as much as Cody and I. He melts my heart everyday. And while I really don't want him to keep getting older, I get so excited and proud each day as he continually learns new things and grows. I love you Brady!

Shopping in Superstore

Time for a haircut??

Helping me test out the car seat for the baby

Playing Catch Up

Brady got a new backpack for Easter. He LOVES it. 

It has been a very long time since I have blogged so I thought I'd try to catch up a little bit. Since December we have been very busy. We stayed in Fort McMurray and had a quiet Christmas at home with just the 3 of us. We spent the next few months trying to enjoy the very long winter that we had here.

Cody went to school in March for 8 very long weeks and successfully completed his 2nd year Parts Apprentice. Brady and I missed having him around and were very happy when he was finally finished and able to come home for good! We are so proud of him and his hard work that he put in while he was there. He has 6 weeks left of school which he will be doing in January and then he is done! We can't wait!

This is the best way to eat cheese

While Cody was away Brady was running in the house and tripped into the corner of the wall. He split his forehead open and had to have 3 stitches put in to bring it back together. He was a really good boy in emergency and hardly cried during the whole thing. He now has a pretty nasty scar.

Not too long after Brady cut his head open, I got word that my Grandma had passed away. It was Cody's last week of school and the funeral was held the Monday right before his big final exam so Brady and I had to make the long trip home and back without him. It actually went really well and we are grateful to Em and Tyler who decided to hitch a ride with us from Edmonton and back, which really helped make it seem not so horrible. Brady did really well on the drive both ways. The DVD player stopped working about 3 hours into the trip home and I was really worried it was going to be such an awful drive but he played happily and slept and just looked out the window while we drove. I was pleasantly surprised!

Grandma Scott and Brady

My Grandma was a pretty amazing lady and I was really sad to hear she had passed. But I was also excited for her to be able to be reunited with her husband and family that has passed before her many years ago. She is such a strong influence in my life and in many others as well, and showed true faith and courage in all aspects of her life. She will be greatly missed.

About 2 days after we got back Cody came home from school for good, just in time for us to move, again. We moved into a nice little basement suite and we love it! Brady can run and jump and bang his toys and we don't have to worry about him being too loud. We were in a main floor suite before and were constantly telling him to be quiet so we wouldn't bother the owners downstairs. This home we are in now was the answer to our prayers and we are so very grateful we found it! Once we knew we had to move we found this apartment and moved in all of 2 weeks so it was very quick and busy and stressful. I don't recommend moving that quickly at 31 weeks pregnant with a 2 year old while both you and your husband work full time. It just was not a fun time. But everything got done and we are much happier where we are now!

Monday, December 16, 2013

18 Months

Time continues to fly by- Brady is now 18 months old and I still can't believe it. This is the latest picture I have of him, unfortunately he didn't like Santa very much this year. Brady is a very smart little boy who has a big heart. He is full of character and personality and it's all starting to show through. I sometimes have a strange feeling that his terrible twos and threes will come early, and will be very terrible. Some things about Brady at a year and a half:

- He's learning to talk. He can say a few words like Hello, Hi, Please, Thank you, Let's go, Here you go, and No. He's starting to figure out the difference between Yes and No and trying to say Yes when he wants something. He loves to jabber!

- He loves to flush the toilet. I am slowly introducing him to the idea of going to the bathroom on the toilet. Sometimes he will go into the bathroom, put his little green seat on the toilet, flush it and then clap and say yay! Haha, at least he is catching on to some of it! 

- Loves to play with cars and blocks. He is starting to get better at stacking his blocks and building towers. And he loves to drive his cars all around the living room and sometimes makes little car noises. He also loves to throw everything on the floor. 

- Brady has learned to love bedtime. When I give him his cup of milk and say "it's bedtime" he gets up and walks to his room, waits for us to come in and then shuts the door behind us. He knows when he is tired and ready for bed. 

- He is trying to communicate and gets really frustrated when we don't understand what he wants, which leads to a lot of whining.

-Brady loves his day home and has some friends there that he really likes to play with. He eats really good there so it makes me feel good that he eats good at least 3 days out of the week. When he is at home he doesn't want to eat anything and almost every day I try to give him something for lunch and dinner and end up making him a peanut butter sandwich instead because he just throws whatever I offer him to the floor. It's frustrating, but I'm working on it. He still only has 5 teeth too, hopefully those others will come in soon!

-He is a HUGE momma's boy. He always wants mom and loves to cuddle and watch cartoons.  He is slowly starting to go to his dad a bit more, but sometimes he gets mad if dad tries to come on the floor and play with us. Tonight Cody tried to come play blocks with Brady and I and Brady pushed him away, climbed onto my lap and started crying. Hopefully he will grow out of this, although it sure makes me feel very loved! 

There are a billion things I could say about Brady and how smart he is and how much he is growing and changing but for now I'll just post a few pictures of the last few months. 

Brady loves his baths and showers. He tries to have one almost every day.

He really loves to climb onto his rocking chair that my Grandpa made 

Sometimes I'm a fun mom and put glow sticks in the bath

Brady's first piece of art he ever brought home, and first to hang on the fridge!

Had so much fun on Halloween

Loves being outside still even with all the cold and snow.

Making cookies

Built him a tent one night and he never wanted to come out of it 

His first Candy Cane

I thought it would be fun to attempt a movie...

...he LOVED it for the first 20 minutes, then he just wanted to run around and cry and play so we left. Haha-huge fail! Try again next year!